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Creating an unified UI across multiple brands

23 June 2016

One recent project I initiated at Tipping Canoe was to unify the user interface of several deal-content sites originally created by the company. The brief was to design and build one template for our bespoke content management system that could be easily adapted to individual brands and content variations.

The process begin in the summer of 2015 working alone side a visual designer to help refresh the original brands. The success of Playpennies to tap into the money-saving parents readership would be the key audience going forward. This required a brand shift for Bargain Moose in the strong Canadian market, but it also created an opportunity for future sites including Mom Deals.

As each brand was transitioned onto the new CMS platform, a re-design was undertaken to bring the brand into the new template. After Playpennies, bringing Bargain Moose onto the platform gave us our first experience adapting the initial template structure, both a design and front-end challenge.