hello world

I'm Mike Barker, a product & ux designer based in Berlin & London

About me

I am a designer with 15+ years experience in print, digital, product and experience design for brands including Quidco, Earnaway, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Autodesk, Umbra and Adbusters. I am currently working for development incubator Tipping Canoe as a Product & UX designer.

Design & experience observations

Creating an unified UI across multiple brands

Allowing multiple brands their individual voice on a consistent content platform
June 2016

Cycle hire kiosk experience

Taking a look at the customer journey for renting a TfL bicycle
February 2015

ClickSnap mobile app case process study

Indepth look at the design process used for a project under a tight deadline
January 2015

Wareable: tech for your connected self

Creating the authority on wearable technology
November 2014

IKEA store openings notes

Background on why I created the IKEA store openings map visualisation
August 2014

Dew: my first iPhone app

Reflections on learning to code and creating my coffee finding app
March 2014