My name is Mike Barker, and I am a designer & author with
experience in print & digital design. I am currently directing
pixels at Quidco and working on a few side projects. And I have a blog.

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Wareable (design & branding)

I designed Wareable, the authority on wearable tech news & reviews.

Dew coffee discovery app

The first app I've designed and built myself,
Dew is for discovering great coffee around London.
(Read case study)


I have been designing Quidco since early-2010. In over four years I've designed several redesigns, the mobile apps and some of the advertising.

Requires Assembly

I wrote & designed Requires Assembly to give small newsrooms a manual for designing newspapers.

OISE DNA exhibit (2007)

The Dominion Modern Museum curated an exhibit on mid-century architecture to celebrate the famous University of Toronto building. I created a series of panels, 56 in total, showcasing the history and present state of the building.
(Scroll/swipe image to see full exhibit)

School of Design Annual

After graduating from George Brown College, I worked with on the annual of student work.
(Read the case study)

School of Design at George Brown College

2004-2006 I attended the School of Design, completing my design thesis in spring 2006 and graduating with honours.
(Read the case study)


The following projects were one-off explorations in design and coding,
small standalone web apps with a purpose and built for fun.

IKEA expansion map (data storytelling)

The IKEA expansion map visualisation is a project inspired
by the Flowing Data Walmart growth animations, however built
in html/css. Read more.

Pick-a-film (iTunes film search)

As an experiment further experiment into using the iTunes API, Pick-a-film displays simple results relevant to each country.

flixflip (web app experiment)

Flixflip randomly chooses a film from the iTunes store, for those times when you can't decide which movie to rent.

London Eye (css animation for London Iconic)

Animated using CSS, this illustration of the iconic London Eye
spins clockwise while each viewing pod spins anti-clockwise.

Newsfeeder (web app experiment)

I created Newsfeeder as an experiment to learn more about
masonary responsive design, and build a bookmarking site. A simplified list feed was also created for listing links I wished to share on this site.

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